Chapter III: No Way

“From the moment of my strange waking my wife had regarded me with extreme horror and loathing, vowing that I was some utter alien usurping the body of her husband…These feelings were shared by my elder son and my small daughter, neither of whom I have ever seen since. “ – H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow Out of Time

After my episode I went to my wife – the gal to whom I pledged the rest of my life. I said I’m here for you now, let’s reconcile. Her new boyfriend walked in and shot me a smile. “No way, no way, there isn’t any way”

The U of Auckland was like my second home. After my head was clear I picked up the phone. I begged to get back in the field that I led

I stopped the chancellor and here’s what he said: “No way, no way, there isn’t any way.”

My daughter studied mental illness firsthand. I thought if anyone she would understand. I travelled to the institute where she worked.

She married, changed her name and left no forwarding address.

My life is shattered, that doesn’t matter – nobody cares that I’m all better now.