Meet The Band

Toren AtkinsonToren Atkinson is the lead singer and front man. He wears the goatpants in his family. When he’s not belting out lyrics that rhyme with “broth” he can be found illustrating books and games, like the d20 Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. He might also be found writing, like for the Spaceship Zero roleplaying game (available in game stores now!). If he’s not doing any of those things, he might be acting on screen or voice-acting. He loves cartoons like The Real Ghostbusters and Jonny Quest, and his favourite superhero is Red Tornado. He lives in Vancouver with his cat Kodos. He’s got a website at where you could find out his terrible secret. You can reach him at

Jordan PrattJordan Pratt is the drummer. He is also a plummer. He’s a plummer and a drummer. He lives with his lovely artist/hairdresser wife Tara in Abbotsford with two dogs and two cats. He enjoys toy guns and Clone High. He’s dressed up as a spider, The Lizard, Princess Leia, and a Cthulhu cultist. He has email but gets Tara to check it.

Merrick AtkinsonMerrick Atkinson is the bassist and backup vocalist. His dog’s name is Hastur. It’s ok to say that out loud, as long as you don’t mind some slobber. He is a horticulturalist/landscaper. He lives in Chilliwack and he enjoys playing video games. He’s been seen on stage as a praying mantis, Devilcow, and a fungi from Yuggoth. He does not have email, if you can believe that.

MarioMario is the other guitarist, fill-in bassist and fill-in drummer. He lives in Vancouver and though he has email, never try to reach him there. His other bands, past and present, include Spreadeagle and Mystery Machine.

Warren BanksWarren Banks is a founding member and plays guitar. He also writes for roleplaying games, and he’s travelled to Antarctica. He appreciates music and the culinary arts. He used to live in Abbotsford but now lives in Derbyshire, England, and maintains a blog. He likes Justice League and his favourite superhero is The Flash. As part of his community service to Thicketdom he has been forced to dress up as a deep one, a golden beetle, Han Solo, a skeleton and The Rhino. You can reach him at darkest at