The People of Innsmouth Fanclub

Behold the repository of forbidden knowledge! The Veritable Archive of the Great Race of Yith! The back issue of the fanclub newsletter for The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets – THE PEOPLE OF INNSMOUTH

Issue One – lost to the depths of time

Issue Two – Introducing “Cthulhuriffomania” and our first Cyber-Cthulhu Calendar.

People of Innsmouth Volume 2

Issue Three – The inaugural installment of “The Pratt Files,” “Fustie Fusses” and our first letter column.

Issue Four – A look at some other Lovecraft inspired music; the inception of our costumes.

Issue Five – Song Spotlight: Protein; “Kill Depresseau” by Depresseau; More Unspeakable Bands by Allen Mackey; “Cthulhu – Why?” by Warren.

Issue Six – “Kill Josh” by Josh; Betty vs Veronica; Monster File: The Great Race of Yith

Issue Seven – The very first “Gruesome Tales” installment by our fans; “The Strange Case of Toren McBoren MacBin”; “Kill Chris” by Chris.

Issue Eight “Anniversary Issue” – Shub Niggurath Speaks; The Monster Files: The Elder Things; Jimmy the Squid’s sad tale of high school censorship.

Issue Nine “Road Trip Issue” – Thickets Tour Diary + other regular installments.

Issue Ten “Special Staple-It-Yourself Issue” – Introducing Cthulhu Strikes Back; The Thickets Guide to Preparing for the Great Clearing Off; Servitor of the Cycle: Travis Goheen; Monster Files: Shoggoths; Yog-Sothoth Says

Issue Eleven – Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons; “Kill Merrickman” by Merrickman; Servitor of the Cycle: Jessica Milligan; How to Get Stuff for Free.

more to come