Mustard Gas

I love my mustard gas I love it so
But there’s things of mustard gas you ought to know
She keeps some in the bedroom she keeps some by the phone
A cloud hangs in the bathroom when she is all alone
She sees the yellow-grey cloud It brings its sickness near
She doesn’t know quite what it is She’s getting the heck outta here
Seeps through her polyester burns in the third degree
Her skin is turning black it’s getting cold it’s getting tough it’s getting leathery.

I love my mustard gas It’s so much fun
And you’ll love mustard gas by the time we’re done.
Mustard gas is pretty bad for you
so keep some in the office and the playground too
It buckles skin and it ruins sight
It intrudes in my nostrils but it feels alright.
If you’ve got blisters and their filled with goo
and there’s a blood-tinged fluid seeping outta your nose
Feeling nauseous and your throat burns too
Then it’s mustard wreaking havoc over you