Tarred and Feathered

Here’s a story
of what I’d like to see
What I’d like to do
What I’d like to be
I have only a hatchet
Here’s some injury
Let’s have a cheer for fear
for blood and agony

These are the tools of my trade
I want you tarred and feathered

Here come the monsters
they know what to do
Hey, Monsters!
What can I learn from you?
You’ve been killing people
since the dawn of time
should I cut and clout
or should I drown and slime?

Here’s a length of chain
here’s a railway tie
Here’s some silver fish hooks
to slip in their eyes
here’s an ice pick
never let it thaw
Heres’ some sandpaper to
rub their nipples raw

Here’s some jellyfish
Hide them in their pockets
Here’s some metal cubes and jacks
Force them in their sockets
Here’s some barbed wire
Feed it up her colon
Here’s an iron mallet
Keep her knuckles swollen