A. D. Madgras, The Nerve Magazine

Spaceship Zero
I went down to Divine Industries and picked up a copy of…Space Ship Zero. The album contains 15 tracks of hard edge Thicket’s songs, samples of sci-fi voice tracks, the theme song for Spaceship Zero and other surprises. The album definitely shows the well rounded growth of the band in terms of songwriting and diversity. Although they seem to be branching away from Lovecraftian lyrics, nonetheless, the band’s dedication to the genre remains intact. The mere fact that this album is billing itself as a soundtrack to a film that, as far as I know, has never been made, is an example of the original surprises on this album. Will we ever see SpaceshipZero on the big screen or any screen? I couldn’t find out. But I sure as hell hope so, if it’s half as good as the soundtrack.