Basing their musical careers on the authorial works of the wondrous H. P. Lovecraft (and their packaging on the creations of George Lucas), TDOTHT are a Canadian quartet that manage to knock out many a mighty tune on this excruciatingly entertaining fifteen track CD. With its guitar oriented rockypunk sound, TDOTHT may be too “happy” sounding for many of youse, but fans of the moronic and Lovecraftian lore alike will surely be in awe of the quality of Dunwichs, Nyarlathoteps, and Necronomicon-isms presented here – my favorites being “Ogdru Jahad”, “Shoggoths Away”, and the Dread Zeppelin-y “Yig Snake Daddy”. Ah but TDOTHT know that a band cannot live by Lovecraft alone, hence we have even less intelligent tracks dealing with both monster toys (“Rock Lords”) and squirming invertabrates (“Hookworm”, “Burrow Your Way to My Heart). Not only do these boys utilize props and costumes in their live show ala Gwar/Green Jelly, but they carry a shitload of merchandise including toques (Canadian remember), calendars,