Terminal City

CD features Lovecraft obsessed cranking out 60 draining minutes of what sounds like what one would call grunge before it was called grunge (1989) with lyrics like “Green is the colour of my god” and clichéd use of horror movie soundbites between songs. They should just design CD covers and posters for other bands cuz that is where their talent lies in that album cover features each band members’ head floating in their own labelled jars. Caused lil piece o’ wire to scrape at the walls of its holding cell cuz I don’t quite know what to do with lil piece o’ wire sos I’ll let it languish imprisoned limbo a while [???]. CD has Police cover, couple live cuts, I am ambivalent. At this point in my column I have lost 37 readers. From Robert Dayton, Terminal City, Vancouver email: dayton@terminalcity.com