unknown, May 1996

Another strong disc in both appearance and music. These guys are both intelligent and creative. I would recommend this album to any band thinking of doing an independent release. The entire package is very classy and it is obvious to me that it will only be a matter of time before these guys are going to make it big.

Major labels today don’t just look for a certain image (with the exception of a few artists) or music alone. They want the whole package. That is what I see in The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. This is a band that owns their own publishing and merchandising rights, runs their own fan club, and does their own distributions, publicity, and mail-outs. This is in addition to a busy schedule of writing, rehearsing, recording, and performing.

So, now that I’ve gone off about what a total package this band is, why not drop by their web site to hear samples of their music for yourself. You’ll also find exciting graphics from this album and others as well excerpts from their newsletter. You’ll leave wondering why the band wants a major label deal at all?

If you want to take my word for it and order Cthulhu Strikes Back right away, send $10 to: The People of Innsmouth
— unknown, May 1996