Jones Soda Presents Thickets Pop!

Specially made as sponsors of Cthulhupalooza!

Jones Soda was awesome to send us up these special Thickets pop bottles, which we gave out, raffled off, and prized away.

These two images were taken by Adam of fame. He also helped out amazingly at Cthulhupalooza lugging equipment around and being generally useful. The photo on the left was from the Media Club, the photo on the right is from PAX.

A couple of Spaceship Zero-specific designs! SpaceCorp Reconstituted Space Effluent and the album cover by Chris Woods, logo design by Bob Fugger.

Colour Me Green Apple; the cover of our album The Shadow Out of Tim as photographed by Taylor Latour and designed by Chris Stewart; Cthulhupalooza logo drawn by me and designed by Josh Pratt.

The 1.5″ square pin. Still a few available on

The 1″ round pin. All gone! Never to be seen again.