Top 10 News Items from 2009 That Sound Like Thickets Songs


10. Song Title: “No Dogs Go To Heaven”
News Headline: Atheists offer to care for Christians’ pets after the Rapture

dark comets credit nasa
Photo credit: NASA

9. Song Title: “I Thought They Smelled Bad On the Outside”
News Headline: Don’t Joke About Tauntaun Sleeping Bags: Star Wars Fanatics Get Pissed

8. Song Title: “Curse of the Revenge of the Spawn of the Alien”
News Headline: UFO puzzle: Alien baby or elaborate hoax?

7. Song Title: “The Darkest of the Earthbound Comets”
News Headline: Earth under threat from dark comets

6. Song Title: “Baby Shark Jesus”
News Headline: Shark “Virgin Birth” Confirmed

5. Song Title: “Killbots Are For Killing”
News Headline: Military killer robots ‘could endanger civilians’

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