Miskatonic Bake Sale is an Arkham Horror

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is a Roseville, Minnesota-based game company that creates and publishes role-playing, board, and card games, most appropriately for attendees of Cthulhupalooza, the Arkham Horror Board game, out of print from 1987 until 2005. In the game, gates to other planes open throughout the town. If too many gates open, a powerful alien being will enter, likely destroying the town and possibly threatening the world. The investigators must avoid or fight alien creatures that enter Arkham through the gates, enter the gates themselves, survive the alien places beyond, return to Arkham, and close the gates.FFG has graciously provided not only a copy of Arkham Horror but also the expansion King in Yellow. Both will be part of the Grand Prize for the Miskatonic Middle School Bake Sale competition. Register today on cthulhupalooza.com