"The Dukes of Alhazred" 5th Studio Album Fundraiser Campaign

Over the past 24 years The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets have enjoyed some success performing in spine-tingling monster costumes, singing about shoggoths dropped out of B-17 bombers, turning into a frog-creature, and dying from suffocation in outer space. We’ve had our music featured in film and video games, even Rock Band has a song of ours that you can download.

And it’s all been possible because of YOU, the fans. Without your support and enthusiasm, we never would have played that second show back in 1992 and cut our first demo tape “Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle.” Remember that song “Cthulhu Dreams”? What a classic!

Our new release will be a full length studio album, featuring hard rock songs about nerdy weirdness that you have come to expect, but also a few new surprises.

We’ve even secured none other than Chris Woods, who provided artwork for our albums “Cthulhu Strikes Back” and “Spaceship Zero”, to paint the album cover for “The Dukes of Alhazred”

[artwork coming soon!]

We would love your help in making this project happen. The Thickets is an independent band and the small success we’ve had is largely due to word of mouth, and of course a blood contract with Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.

We’ve got a lot of great perks/incentives lined up, including the opportunity for you to sing gang vocals and even play cowbell on the new album!

PLUS throughout the fundraising campaign we’ll be revealing one of the Thirteen Terrible Secrets of the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. These may be song titles or other album sneak peaks, or special perks and giveaways not already announced! We’ll announce these on the thickets youtube channel, on our facebook page and thickets.net

Please donate if you can, share this with your friends right now!

Campaign Ends May 11