Music Video Contest: Deadline Extensions!

Well we just got back from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and we’ve decided to extend the deadline for video concept submissions to December 31st.

Here’s a quick look at the submissions so far:

Mike L: “Cultists on Board” Live action DV.
Steve F: “Power Up” in Flash.
Casey K: “Frogstar” in Flash.
Richard J, Roland W, Patrick S: “Blackout” DV.
David K: “Big Robot Dinosaur” Flash.
Sebastian K, Matt K: “Dies ist Unverschämtheit”
Stan H: “Yig Snake Daddy”
Erica H: “Theme to Spaceship Zero” Flash

We encourage all our contestants to promote your respective projects via your own websites, blogs, and/or in the Thickets forum [link] and let us know so we can spread it around.

Here again are the rules:

Hey kids! Do you have a film school project coming up? Are you an indie filmmaker looking to expand your portfolio? Or do you just have a cell phone camera, a lot of hard drive space, and a jonesin� for all things Lovecraftian? Introducing the very first music video contest for the H.P. Lovecraft inspired punk band, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

Our next CD release will include a DVD, and we want your work to be on it! There are very few restrictions, and here they are:

1. You must give us permission in writing stating that we are allowed to use your film for our DVD and promo purposes (such as youtube).
2. You must use a complete song from any of our albums.
3. No porn, misogyny, or general bad taste in subject matter. Fake gore in good humour is a-ok!
4. Must not contain any elements to which you do not have the rights (don�t use Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, or Hellboy in the video, for starters). This includes any sound or images you don�t own, (unless they�re public domain or covered by a creative commons license). No pilfered film footage, that includes other music, identifiable products or logos (no sports team jersies or coke cans).

You own the rights to your film. You can submit it to film festivals (such as the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Screamfest, and A Night of Horror), make your own DVDs, whatever you like. As long as The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are credited with the music, we�re not going try to restrict use of your film. In fact we encourage it.

It can be live action, a Flash cartoon, stop-motion animation, anything you like.

We, the band, will review all of the submissions and pick a video which will receive the Tentacule d�Or award. This recipient will receive $200 in Thickets merchandise of their choice. Even those who don�t win the contest are still eligible to have the film on the Thickets DVD. All qualifying films will get a copy of the album/DVD.

Bonus considerations for the Tentacule d�Or are as follows:
a) Use of tentacles in the video.
b) Giant monsters destroying cities.
c) Setting in the deep sea or in outer space.
d) Use of the Necronomicon.
e) Using any of the following songs: Blackout; No Way; Strange; Return to Melanesia; Cultists on Board; A Need-To-Know Basis; Operation: Get the Hell Out Of Here; Ride the Flying Polyp; Downtown (In the Cenozoic); Nyarlathotep; 20 Minutes of Oxygen; The Innsmouth Look; Power Up; Frogstar; The Math Song; Dies Is Unverschamtheit; The Chosen One; Slave Ship; KABLAM!; Big Robot Dinosaur; Goin� Down To Dunwich; Yig Snake Daddy; Hookworm; Rock Lords; Protein; Burrow Your Way To My Heart

Full credit will be given to you on the DVD of course, including the website of your choice. We will even help you out in any way that we can while you make your video. We can probably send you some photos and other footage if you need it, and we�ll answer whatever questions you pose. If you live near Vancouver BC, Seattle WA or Portland OR you�ll have some opportunities to take live footage of the band.

-Phase One will be your proposal submission. Let us know what song you�d like to do, what the theme and subject matter will be, what media you�ll be using, and all of that. Deadline for proposal is Dec 31 2008.
-Phase Two will be the final product! Deadline for final product will be June 28 2009. Extensions can be requested but no guarantees. It�s even better if you can provide updates of your progress. Why not make a blog about the project, or at least email us with your updates and we�ll spread the word amongst Thicketdom to keep the interest and excitement at peak levels AT ALL TIMES. Maybe our vast network of Cthulhoids can put you on your way to wealth and infamy.

Format: Mini-DV, DVD, or Quicktime, in either HD or NTSC (the North American video standard). Videos shot in PAL (the European format) can be converted, but it�s a pain in the nippers so best avoided.

Gugs and fishes,
Toren Atkinson
3254 West 3rd Ave Vancouver BC V6K1N4