T-Shirts on the Horizon

T-shirts are now available to select as a perk on our Indiegogo fundraiser for the new album THE DUKES OF ALHAZRED.

We have secured the services of Michael Bukowski. Michael grew up in suburban wastelands of northern New Jersey but has spent the last 15 years in the urban wastelands of South Philadelphia.

He graduated from The University Of the Arts in 2001 and since then he’s worked tirelessly drawing records, shirts, logos, posters, ads, and flyers for hardcore and punk bands from all over the world (including bands from Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America).

While most of his earlier work is for the DIY punk community, he started Yog-Blogsoth in 2010 where he’s working to illustrate every creature/god H.P. Lovecraft ever mentioned in his fiction. He’s compiled these illustrations in the zine Illustro Obscurum and also started publishing horror/weird themed art zines through Seventh Church Ministries.

When he’s not working, Mike and his partner Jeanne can also be found watching horror movies, reading books with creepy covers, and traveling to the far reaches of the earth to see skulls on display or people dressed as monsters….or annoying their three cats.

@illustro_obscurum on instagram

Here’s a rough sketch preview of the art for the shirt:

thix_michael_bukowski_tshirt_designClick here to order the T-shirt perk!