YOU Can Help Us Make An Animated Music Video for “You Fool, Warren is Dead!”


We’re hoping you do!

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets want to make a stop-motion(ish) animated music video for our song “You Fool, Warren is Dead” (you know, from our album ‘The Dukes of Alhazred’) but who has that kind of money? Certainly not this plethora of penniless performers!

Which is why we’ve put forward a video pitch for funding. The initial submission was accepted. Now comes the goddamn popularity contest!

You can cast up to five votes a day (refreshed at midnight (12:00am) PDT/1:00am MDT) with a maximum of one vote per project daily. There’s no login or sign-up.

VOTE NOW! VOTE DAILY! [click here]

Voting ends October 18 at noon (PDT)